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E3: Stronger Than Ever, The Power of Plant-Based Food w/ Rip Esselstyn

Meet Rip Esselstyn, a pioneer for the advancement of plant-based eating. He’s a world-renowned triathlete, best selling author, and former firefighter, all of which has been powered by a Plant Strong lifestyle. Rip joins us to talk about his plant-based journey, food culture in the fire service, and the inextricable link between health and performance.

For more information about Rip’s mission and plant-based resources for your agency (including the free 7-Day Rescue Challenge), visit

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E2: COVID-19 Innovators, Firehouse Sanitization w/ Jerry Wendt & Tyler Off

In this episode, we continue our discussion with COVID-19 innovators. Chiefs Jerry Wendt and Tyler Off tell us about their respective innovations in firehouse sanitization. Chief Wendt, with the Jefferson Fire Department in Wisconsin, used inexpensive, everyday items to devise a solution to disinfect ambulances. With careful research and testing, Chief Off and South Fork Fire & Rescue in Colorado were able to build a simple and effective decontamination chamber for N95 masks. The specs allowed for easy scalability and replication, helping to preserve PPE for the department at a very low cost.

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E1: COVID-19 Innovators, UV Light Technology w/ Bill Amador

In 2020, a highly contagious virus, shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE), and changing funding structures radically altered many of the day-to-day operations of fire departments across the United States. In response to COVID-19 and its various impacts, first responders and innovators across the country have stepped up to meet the challenge. These inventive thinkers have developed new tools and methods for providing care, while also protecting crews on the front lines of response.

In this episode, we speak with Bill Amador, a retired Fire Chief and current Director for Capture Management at Constellis. Bill discusses the benefits of UV light technology, and how it can be used by first responders to effectively combat the spread of COVID-19.

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