Executive Recruitment

March 22, 2019

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With more than 120 years of working with fire service leaders, the Western Fire Chiefs Association knows what great leadership looks like. We also know that the majority of fire chiefs aren’t actively seeking new opportunities: the risk is simply too high to be 1 of 100 applicants that all look good on paper. That’s why we’ve developed a unique solution to executive recruiting in the fire service.

Our Program

Our new Confidential Executive Recruitment service provides candidates a safe environment to explore an opportunity, while simultaneously yielding a larger pool of highly-qualified candidates to the hiring entity. Whether you’re searching for a long-term solution or interested in filling an interim position, we can customize our recruitment service to fit your needs.

Our Promise to Candidates

When you express interest in one of our recruitments, your identity will remain hidden from the hiring entity until you decide to submit a formal application. After presenting your information as a “blind summary” to the hiring authority, we’ll follow-up and provide insight on where we think you stand competitively among the other candidates so that you can make an informed decisio

Our Guarantee to the Hiring Entity

You’ll hire an experienced, top-notch leader, and we’ll make sure they have the support they need after they start. If the selected candidate’s employment is terminated within the first year, our team will conduct another recruitment for your agency at no additional fee.

Our Guarantee to the Hiring Entity

Visit our website for more information on our process, current recruitments, and to sign-up for our newsletter on future recruitments.

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