Streamlining Disaster Damage Assessment with Digital Technology

Western Fire Chiefs Association (WFCA) is streamlining Disaster Damage Assessment with digital technology. Determining what infrastructure and buildings have been impacted by a disaster often takes weeks and diverts responders from accomplishing other high-value tasks to support communities and survivors. 

Leveraging innovative technology and operational expertise, WFCA can now provide comprehensive ground-based assessments of disaster impacts within 72 hours of loss. This allows quick access to the records of land and property in order to get an accurate picture of the market value loss and assessed value loss, and efficiently leverages this intelligence to commanders and planners. 

Access to this information helps local and state leaders understand the tax impacts of the damage, allows homeowners a view of the status of their property, and provides insurance companies with accurate measures and information. The WFCA, through new digital technology, is continuing to create more efficient methods for incident commanders, planners, and community leaders to deal with the consequences of disasters.

Learn more here about streamlining Disaster Damage Assessment from Chief Jeff Johnson of the WFCA –

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