Quarterly Newsletter: 2021 | Q1

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New Partnership
Western Fire Chiefs Association is proud to announce a partnership with Gallagher to provide their Gallagher HealthInvest HRA to our members.*  The Gallagher HRA is a tax-advantaged spending account for out-of-pocket medical care expenses that can help make your employee benefits program work better. The HRA includes help for post-employment medical insurance premiums, reduction of unused sick and vacation leave cash out liabilities, lower cost medical plans, and replacement of expensive defined-benefit promises to retirees. WFCA is excited to partner with Gallagher's team of highly skilled experts focused solely on supporting funded HRAs with a long-standing, reputable track record and proven expertise in health and welfare benefits for fire fighters and first responders.
*excludes members in Oregon, Washington and Idaho

2021 Wildfire Summit - Hosted by WFCA
This premiere event will examine the four primary causes (Arson, Accidental, Roadside & Utility Infrastructure) of wildfire ignitions with a focus on Roadside and Utility Infrastructure ignitions in the Western United States. The intent of the Summit is to provide a venue for an exchange of dialogue regarding current issues, best practices and emerging solutions on wildfire prevention. Our speakers and panels will provide a national perspective while discussing regional, statewide and local initiatives.

Fire safety professionals from around the world who are involved in wildfire protection and prevention are encouraged to attend this summit.

R2 Network Update
The R2 Network announced the launch of a platform that aims to provide features and resources to empower innovators and first responders in their day-to-day operations. New features will be rolled out monthly throughout 2021 and will facilitate access to life-saving technology as well as connect nationwide stakeholders with opportunities to innovate and network. Interested public safety agencies and entrepreneurs can sign up at portal.r2network.com.


Did you know Sourcewell provides procurement solutions across the U.S. and Canada, and serves approximately 50,000 public agencies as the sole cooperative purchasing partner of the IAFC? Or that through its partnership with FireRescue GPO, a public safety focused cooperative purchasing program founded by WFCA, Sourcewell supports fire chiefs associations? As North America's largest government cooperative procurement organization, Sourcewell offers contracts that include industry-leading public safety-related equipment and supplies. It’s likely your locality is already using Sourcewell for purchasing—now might be the time to revisit all that Sourcewell has to offer your department or agency.


Top 3 Most Clicked Stories
Similar to most news organizations, the Daily Dispatch tracks clicks to gauge interest and identify the types of stories that catch our readers' attention. We know our readers especially enjoy articles that include multimedia such as video and photos. We hope you enjoy revisiting the most clicked stories from this quarter.

Have You Seen This? Firefighter hilariously shows us the difference between real and TV firefighting

Unbelievable video shows Chicago firefighter jumping to safety during massive fire

Video shows moment New York firefighter knocked unconscious from falling AC unit

Staff Pick
Massachusetts artist paints helmet shields for firefighters across the country

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We're currently conducting a Confidential Recruitment for St. Cloud, MN. The City is seeking a highly qualified and experienced fire professional to serve as its Fire Chief.

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