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Published:July 27, 2020
July 15, 2022

Dear WFCA Members:
We will be holding our Annual Membership meeting via Zoom Webinar on August 5, 2020 at 10:00 am PDT. You are receiving this email because you held a membership within the last 18 months, please verify that your membership is active prior to the meeting so that you can participate in voting!

Once you verify your current membership status, click the link below to register for the meeting.

You must register in order to attend and vote.

Register for the WFCA Virtual Annual Meeting

View the Meeting Agenda

This is an election year for the following officer positions on the WFCA Board: President, Vice President, International Director. We will be holding an electronic vote and all eligible voters will have an opportunity to cast their ballot subsequent to the meeting. We do have a contested election for the role of Vice President; Chief Brent Christopherson and Chief Mark Niemeyer have both provided information that they would like you to consider for the upcoming election.

Vice President Candidate: Chief Brent Christopherson

Vice President Candidate: Chief Mark Niemeyer

We will also be asking the membership to vote on five different by-law amendments. The proposed amendments are listed here for your review.

By-law Amendment Packet

We thank you for your patience and participation as we adapt to these extraordinary circumstances and encourage all of you to attend the Zoom meeting and cast your vote.

Very truly yours,

Chief Jeff Tucker
President WFCA Board of Directors

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