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Wildfires have become an increasingly prevalent and destructive force in many regions. Wildfire research is vital for understanding and mitigating the devastating impacts of wildfires, and our webpage offers valuable resources on the topic. Whether you're a researcher, a student, or a concerned citizen, our curated collection of resources offers studies on wildfire science, prevention, mitigation, and recovery.  Our aim is to drive towards a future that is safer and more resilient in the face of this pressing environmental challenge.

EPA: Wildland Fire Research

New scientific tools are needed to better quantify and predict the impact of smoke from wildland fires on public health. EPA research is supporting the development of new air quality monitors to measure wildfire emissions, advancing modeling capabilities to understand the impact of wildfires on air quality, and improving wildfire emissions inventories.

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NOAA: Research and Development

NOAA is a leader in science and technology used by the wildland fire community, and is dedicated to understanding and predicting weather and climate to protect life and property. NOAA’s fire research activities range from improving long-range seasonal and subseasonal predictive tools that provide early indications of drought extent and severity.

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U.S. Geological Survey: Wildland Fire Research

The USGS Wildland Fire Science Program produces information to identify the causes of wildfires, understand the impacts and benefits of both wildfires and prescribed fires, and help prevent and manage larger, catastrophic events. Our fire scientists provide tools that are used by stakeholders to make decisions before, during, and after wildfires in ecosystems across the U.S.

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USDA: Fire Research

Recognizing the scale and complexity of wildland fires, which affects millions of acres each year, the Forest Service has a network of fire labs and research stations across the country. Forest Service experts work with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), which provides satellite imagery and other resources to assist the Forest Service in fighting fires and preventing future ones.

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WiRe: Wildfire Research

The mission of the WiRē Center is to support evidence-based community wildfire education efforts so that communities can live with wildfire. Specifically, the WiRē Center provides personalized expertise and support to collect, interpret, and use paired parcel-level wildfire risk and social data. The WiRē Approach enables partners to effectively allocate resources and engage with residents.

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