WFCA Quarterly Newsletter 2023 | Q4

Published:February 12, 2024
April 23, 2024

Hello WFCA Members,

We hope that your start to 2024 has been successful. WFCA wrapped up the final quarter of 2023 with dynamic planning, strategizing for the challenges and opportunities anticipated in the new year. We encourage you to stay informed about our progress by visiting our website regularly for updates and announcements. 

WFCA’s Economic Update – Webinar Recording
WFCA hosted a virtual webinar with economist Dr. Anirban Basu earlier this year. Dr. Basu has been called an economist with a personality, or alternatively, one with a sense of humor. He has twice been recognized as one of Maryland’s 50 most influential people. He has also been named one of the Baltimore region’s 20 most powerful business leaders. He teaches global strategy at Johns Hopkins University and serves as the Chief Economist function for a number of organizations around the country.

Dr. Basu presented us with an overview of both the United States-centered and global economic trajectory. Regardless of our level of familiarity with economics, we can personally and institutionally benefit from the insights provided by objective economists. We encourage everyone to view the recorded webinar.

Newly awarded Critical Care & EMS Contracts
We are excited to announce that Sourcewell now has Critical Care and EMS contracts available! A total of 5 Critical Care & EMS Suppliers were awarded with products such as: EMS Supplies, Medical Devices, Emergency Medical Supplies, pharmaceuticals, laboratory, supply distribution, and other related services and support.






Sourcewell cooperative purchasing offers choice, value, and peace of mind. Contracts are competitively solicited and delivered through your local dealer or representative. Search all Sourcewell contracts to expand your purchasing options.

Learn more by contacting the Sourcewell client relations team at 877-585-9706 or email.

Join us at IDGA’S Wildfire Technology Management Summit 2024!
The summit, hosted by the Institute for Defense and Government Advancement (IDGA) in partnership with WFCA, provides a pivotal gathering addressing the surging global wildfire crisis. Explore innovative solutions, share insights on cutting-edge technology and emerging strategies, and connect with industry leaders. 

Engaging discussions and sessions will facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the latest developments in wildfire management, while a curated technological showcase provides a firsthand look at advancements that enhance operational efficiency and outcomes.

Excitingly, the 2024 summit will feature a stronger international presence than ever before, a more focused look at the application of aviation in wildfire management and provide deeper insights into interagency collaboration.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a unified and informed approach towards combating the global wildfire challenge. Download the agenda now and secure your place. 

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Top 3 Most Clicked Stories
Similar to most news organizations, the Daily Dispatch tracks clicks to gauge interest and identify the types of stories that catch our readers’ attention. We know our readers especially enjoy articles that include multimedia such as video and photos. We hope you enjoy revisiting the most clicked stories from this quarter.


Helmet camera footage reveals harrowing firefighting efforts in deadly Oklahoma apartment fire



Newly released videos document runaway semitruck crashes in Utah



California firefighter is now viral ‘Cowboys phone guy’ meme


WFCA’s Burn Permits App
Don’t let legal backyard burning turn into an out of control wildfire. Join the Burn Permits App community and see where the smoke is coming from. Available to agencies within the Western Division. Click here to learn more. 

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