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The purpose of the Western Fire Chiefs Association is to serve as a representative of choice of (and for) career and volunteer leaders of fire related emergency service organizations throughout the WFCA member states and the Western Pacific Islands.  The WFCA helps develop, and supports the work of, those leaders and organizations in order that they may best provide for the protection of people and the environment from the occurrence and outcomes of fires and other natural, technological and human-behavior-caused emergencies.


Pursue the protection of life and property by leadership, education and support for its members and affiliate organizations

The WFCA values:
–  Honesty
–  Ethical behavior
–  Timely and responsive service
–  Excellence
–  Fiscal responsibilities

The WFCA promotes:
–  Safe communities
–  Firefighter safety
–  An “All Hazards” approach to prevention, control, and mitigation of incidents
–  Officer development
–  Legislation that supports our doctrine
–  Adequate funding to deliver our principles
–  Strategic planning
–  Fire service accreditation and the development  and adoption of standards of cover documents
–  Professional development and accreditation of fire officers

Western Fire Chiefs Association will:

  • Build and maintain relationships with our members, our state associations, the IAFC and other partner organizations; the WFCA will actively foster communications to enhance these relationships.
  • Support its members through the delivery of quality member services.
  • Remain focused on enhancing the financial strength of the association.
  • Endorse, support and foster legislative and policy development initiatives that will enhance the fire service and advance firefighter, citizen and community safety.
  • Will endorse programs that foster and promote quality improvement and professional development for fire service professionals and agencies.
  • Will seek and utilize fire service leaders who will professionally and enthusiastically advance the mission, goals and objectives of our organization.

Western Fire Chiefs Association is expected to:

  • Produce and promulgate biennial strategic plans consistent with the doctrine
  • Produce and disseminate public annual reports to the membership
  • Maintain a financial position of solvency
  • Develop and maintain functional bylaws
  • Promote membership
  • Promote legislation that advances our collective interests
  • Promote the fire service industry
  • Promote the success of our membership
  • Properly advise its board, staff, appointees, representatives, and all other appropriate relationships on issues of adopted principles and doctrine, bylaws and polices and best practices
  • Develop, promulgate and maintain quality, timely and relevant communications
Western Division