The Western states/territories work together to achieve better communication, coordination,

and vertical integration of the states, WFCA and IAFC.


Run by the Western Fire Chiefs Association, the Fire Crucible is a business/product viability audit program for companies that want feedback from experts in the fire/EMS/public safety industries.  A company has a product, they’d like strategic tips for greater success in the fire service, we give them verbal feedback and a written report.  This benefits the fire service by giving critical feedback for new products before they emerge in the market, improving functionality for first responders across the nation.

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Western Fire Chiefs Association

International Association of Fire Chiefs


Education and Development: The IAFC provides comprehensive leadership education and training, for all levels of officers, all types of departments and all aspects of fire and emergency services. Whether you’re just starting out or are a skilled and experienced veteran, you can count on the IAFC to provide a complete cadre of programs and learning opportunites to enhance and accelerate your chosen path. Click here for more information.

Programs and Iniatitives: IAFC manages a number of programs that directly impact our member’s roles as leaders. This is achieved by providing tools and resources that fortify response, support education and prevention, enhance training and strengthen efforts to improve responder health and safety. IAFC actively works with members, stakeholders and community partners to deliver high quality programs. Click here for more information.
Operations Resources: Life in the field is tough no matter what your title is. In a dynamic and dangerous environment, knowledge is power.  
That’s why IAFC offers many operational tools and resources to help fire chiefs, chief officers, company officers and emerging leaders achieve the power to excel on the incident scene, build stronger teams and create safer communities. Click here for more information.