Historical Fires and Commanding a Type 1 Incident

January 10, 2024


Listen to the lessons Chief Rich Harvey has learned in over 20 years of experience dealing with some of the nation's largest fires on WFCA's Fire Headlines Podcast.

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Listen to the lessons Chief Rich Harvey has learned in over 20 years of experience dealing with some of the nation’s largest fires on WFCA’s Fire Headlines Podcast.

Historical Fires and Commanding a Type 1 Incident

The Daily Dispatch recently featured two articles discussing anniversaries of significant historical fires. The first covers the Deadliest Nightclub Fire that occurred on November 28, 1942, while the other focuses on the Worcester Cold Storage Fire from December 3, 1999. Fire Headlines Host Samantha Didion is joined by a panel compromising Chief Bob Horton, Chief Jeff Buchanan, and the first special guest of 2024, Chief Rich Harvey. Chief Harvey, with over 20 years of experience in incident management and currently serving as the Fire Chief for Central Lyon County Fire Protection District, offers valuable insights into historical wildfires and commanding Type 1 incidents.

Historical Fires and Key Lessons Learned

Chief Harvey emphasizes how these historical events have been instrumental in shaping firefighting practices, codes, and traditions. The panel explores the evolution of firefighting tactics, highlighting the innovative approaches driven by necessity, especially in dealing with large-scale wildfires and the influence of wind conditions.

Community Involvement and Defensible Space

The discussion focuses on the growing awareness among the public regarding wildfire threats, leading to increased community involvement in adopting defensible space and Firewise practices. The role of insurance agencies in influencing resident behavior towards fire mitigation is discussed, emphasizing the importance of reducing risk proactively. The conversation underscores the need for a whole-community approach in fire preparation, aligning with codes and practices.

Type 1 Incidents and Leadership Challenges

Chief Harvey provides insights into the dynamics of Type 1 incidents and the role of an Incident Commander. The challenges of managing mega-fires and the emotional toll on communities and firefighters are explored. The discussion touches on the delicate balance between maintaining the optimism required for firefighting and acknowledging the human impact. Chief Horton reflects on the leadership challenges during mega-fires, stressing the importance of guiding communities and firefighters through these difficult times.

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